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In our lab, we investigate the cognitive and neurophysiological basis of language comprehension and production. Our primary focus is the study of online sentence processing in Hebrew.



Humans are extremely good at understanding sentences, even very complex ones which they have never heard or read before. We understand thousands of sentences every day, and we do so quickly, effortlessly, and more often than not, correctly. How do we achieve this tremendous feat?

In the Sentence Processing Lab, we study the mechanisms which enable people to understand language in real time. We investigate questions such as how readers and listeners use syntactic structures to extract meaning, how they create dependencies between distant elements in the sentence and beyond, and how they use lexical and structural prediction to anticipate upcoming material. A major objective of our research is to understand the processing strategies of Hebrew comprehenders, and the ways in which they are shaped by the grammar of the language. 

We use a variety of methods: self-paced reading, event-related potentials (ERPs), priming, acceptability judgements, and more.

Latest Publications

Prediction of successful reanalysis based on eye-blink rate and reading times in sentences with local ambiguity. In Language and Cognition

In this paper, we explore the relation between spontaneous eye-blink rate - as an index for tonic dopamine activity - and the performance of reanalysis in garden path sentences 


Contact Us

If you want to learn more about our research, join the team, or participate in our experiments, please contact us!

Webb Building, Rooms 202, 413

30 Haim Levanon st., Ramat Aviv

Tel Aviv 69978

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